Our Journey Begins



Our journey started five years ago with, “Hello Sexy.” How would I have known that my life would be where it is today? I honestly think that God had a huge hand in this deal. He saw where we were and knew what was going to take place and intervened before shit it the fan. LOL. Let me show you what God did for me when it comes to true love that is meant for eternity. This story will forever be my, “Notebook”.

Our first hello was breathtaking, omg I can still remember how I smiled so big on the phone hearing your voice for the first time. I actually became addicted to your voice that very moment. You became my drug. We talked about our babies, everyday life, our past, but we talked about us. You made me laugh like I’ve never had before. You made conversation so easy, it was like we had known one another forever.  That day was the beginning to a new journey with the connection of love and friendship.

The day we met for the first time was so amazing, I often relive that night in mind and can’t help but to smile every time. Wow I feel like a little school girl right now.  We had an amazing dinner full of laughs, even the waitress wanted to join in. And that damn tree. That damn tree. Lord that tree……. Well…..                                                   That was the best date, wait no that was my first real date with an amazing man that I feel in love with. And our journey continues.

Along the way we became best friends, we talked, prayed, went through battles together, and now here we are Bonnie and Clyde. Now I know what a true love story is because I’m living mine everyday with you. I often catch myself staring at you thinking God for putting us together, for allowing you to change what was broken in me and you. God knew that we could fix each other and he would fix the rest. And our journey continues with blessings from above.

Now here we are five years later I wouldn’t change anything about it. When I look back on our five years it’s been a blessing from God above. This man stole my heart, gave me the moon and stars, and shows me everyday what love is. The man that I love is also my best friend, my coach, my bodyguard, my everything.  To love is nothing. To be loved is something.  But to be loved by the person you love….. is everything.  And our journey will continue to the end of time.                                    Two Hearts One Love……..




Author: autismandmyson677085823

A mother who has is just trying to survive this world... I have two boys who are both ADHD, one who is Autistic, and a Step daughter along with a wonderful man by my side who I hope to married to one day.

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